Hyoyeon with Wenmeng and friends on Wenmeng’s Weibo! 150331

From 我是梦儿呀’s weibo account!

Caption: 运气真好!见到少女时代的领舞 孝渊姐姐了!本人比照片好看太多!人也超级好超亲切!好喜欢!![花心][花心][花心][花心][花心] |

[TRANSLATION] I was lucky to meet SNSD’s main dancer, Hyoyeon unnie. The picture doesn’t flatter her. She’s super nice! I like her very much!!
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[PHOTO/HYOSTAGRAM] Sohyunlim Post Photo With Amber, HyoYeon, Jia, Min, Irene & Sangmint 150213

From  Instagram:sohyunlim

Caption: Good times with good people! Go amber! #shakethatbrass ❤❤❤