[PROJECT/EVENT] WE♥#HYOSTYLE – Fan message book and Charity: Water donation project!!

We’re doing it once more, Hyo fans!!! I know we haven’t been super active on this blog itself, but a certain event that we’ll never, ever forget has inspired us considerably to do another project! Please get involved, especially if you weren’t a part of our last I’m at the Paradise project!




#HYOLO: A Portrait of Hyoyeon for Her 26th Birthday

I was approached by the writing staff of Soshified to write an article on behalf of Hyoyeon’s birthday, and I was more than honored to accept! You can see the article here, but I felt like preserving it on TPC as well ^^ Thanks for reading!

140815 DoubleYou Hyoyeon dance parade IMG_5297...

DoubleYou – SMTOWN Live in Seoul – Dance Parade [2014.08.15]

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “HYOLO? Hyohunny, please. I know what this article’s going to be about—endless praise about Hyo’s globe-trotting, party-going, Bangkok-loving lifestyle.” You probably even rolled your eyes at the oh-so-clever portmanteau of Hyo + YOLO.

For those not “in the know”, “YOLO” is an acronym of the phrase, “You only live once”—a phrase used by the youths of a culture that derives its pleasures from living boldly and adventurously. It almost epitomizes youthful vigor and vitality—living on the edge, seizing the moment, all for the sake of pleasure. Why not do the things you want? What are you waiting for? You only live once—just do it!

However, Kim Hyoyeon grew up with a different idea of “you only live once.” Continue reading

[PROJECT] [UPDATE] Birthday Message/Photobook for Hyoyeon

Dear Hyohunnies and SONEs:
This past year after noticing a lack of support for Hyoyeon’s birthday, we wanted to build on to what individual Hyohunnies were already trying to do and hold a charity project in her honor for a cause that was inspired by her. In addition to the charity project, we also put together a book of messages from you so that Hyoyeon could know how much she was loved. This project did not end up being carried out exactly as planned, so as admins of the project, we are responsible for letting you know exactly what happened.
$620 was collected by gracious Hyohunnies for the purpose of bringing clean water to a community in need. This part of the project went wonderfully and the full amount was donated in her name.
As for the message book, all the messages were collected and with money out of our pockets and the help of a couple of other Hyoyeon fans, we created a fabulous book and posted the proof photos on our site.
In short, the book did not reach Hyoyeon. There were some miscommunications, lack of funds and irresponsibility on our part that lead to our contact in Korea no longer being willing to deliver the book. We were willing to ship the book as a belated gift, but there is no way to get the book to Hyoyeon’s hands. We take full responsibility for this and apologize to everyone who helped contribute to the book.
We hope to hold another charity project in her name this year and try to find a way to get this very book in her hands once more and perhaps another nice gift.
If anyone needs any further proof on money that was donated, we’d be happy to provide that. Please contact us at thepoppingchoding@gmail.com. As for the message book, if there are any suggestions as to how we could get this to Hyoyeon for this year’s celebration, we’d be grateful.
Again, our apologies for not getting your messages to Hyoyeon. We made some mistakes, but we want to be completely open and transparent to this community of Hyohunnies because they deserve that and more.
Thank you for your time 🙂
The Popping Choding Project Admins,
Leda & Anye

[PROJECT/CLOSED] Hyoyeon’s Birthday Charity Project – Clean Water Donation!

If you’re a fan of Hyoyeon, you know full well how much Hyoyeon loves water!

But there are those who desperately need clean, fresh water in order to live and thrive.

The sponsor we have chosen for this project is World Vision. To learn more, you can find more information HERE.

Depending on the amount we receive, we will be donating to several clean water projects headed by WV. (Please note: We are taking donations via PAYPAL, not the site directly, as we are partnering with another fan site and will be pooling our donations together.)

$100 for a share of a deep well

$200 for a foot-powered pump

$500 for a general “Clean Water Fund”

If we were to reach $2600 by your generous support, we’ll have raised enough money to fund an entire well capable of supplying more than 600 gallons (~2300L) of water to a community of 150 people!

Please join us in making an impact on lives around the world in the name of our favorite choding, Kim Hyoyeon!

Donate via Paypal:


*An email will be sent to confirm your donation!*

Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions!


We will be continually updating this section as we receive donations.

  • As of 9/3/2013: We have received a total of $187.89 USD from 3 donors!
  • As of 9/6/2013: We have received a total of $287.89 USD from 4 donors!
  • As of 9/8/2013: We have received a total of $327.78 USD from 5 donors!
  • As of 9/13/2013: We have received a total of $399.56 USD from 7 donors!
  • As of 9/16/2013: We have received a total of $449.56 USD from 8 donors!
  • As of 9/20/2013: We have received a total of $479.56 USD from 10 donors!
  • As of 9/22/2013: We have received a total of $557.59 USD from 12 donors!
  • As of 10/2/2013: We have received a grand total of $627.59 USD from 13 donors!

131112 143844 PST world vision payment
(lol, they wouldn’t let me donate in smaller amounts, I had to round it off to $620)

Thank you, everyone!!

[CLOSED] [PROJECT] Birthday Message/Photobook for Hyoyeon – “I’m at the paradise”

As our very own Kim Hyoyeon’s birthday draws near, we’d like to gather all of her fans’ love and support in one book, and send it to her on her birthday! For that, we’re going to need the help of ALL of you Hyohunnies!

There are two portions to the book: photos and short messages.

PHOTO SECTION – 2 options!
1. Take a selca of yourself in your “paradise” while holding up a sign that says either “[NAME] loves Hyoyeon” or “I’m at the paradise” (grammar optional). Be creative! Your paradise could be anywhere you have the most fun!

2. For those who are not comfortable with selcas, you may take a picture of your Hyoyeon/SNSD paraphernalia (fans, posters, photocards, hats, etc.) surrounding a sign that says either “[NAME] loves Hyoyeon” or “I’m at the paradise”–indicating that, no matter where you are, Hyoyeon makes your place a paradise!

Message (150-word limit): Write anything that you’d like to say to Hyoyeon 🙂

Send in your selca/photo and message to either hyoppyday@yahoo.com or thepoppingchoding@gmail.com!

!!!Deadline is AUGUST 15th, 2013!!!