[MAGAZINE/SCANS] Hyoyeon featured in CeCi Korea’s September 2015 issue! “Home Alone” 150828

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[MAGAZINE/SCANS/INTERVIEW] Hyoyeon features as the cover girl in Hong Kong’s Me! Magazine! 150409

Our goddess of beauty, makeup, fashion, and accessories, Kim Hyoyeon has floored us once again with yet ANOTHER photoshoot feature in yet another magazine, this time in Me! Magazine, a cosmetics and fashion magazine from Hong Kong!

Scans and video (and translation) courtesy of @Hyoloworld/Kylwh! (imgur album link courtesy of @specialisthh) Interview translated by @Hyoloword/Kylwh, edited by @poohbae and @angrydrummergirl Continue reading

[MAGAZINE/INTERVIEW/SCANS] Hyoyeon featured in Vogue Girl Korea’s April 2015 issue! “Girl, Into the Spring” 150320

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[TRANSLATION/INTERVIEW/SCANS] Hyoyeon featured in Elle Korea’s March 2015 issue – “who’s that girl?” 150225


“An angelic woman hiding behind a hearty laugh–Hyoyeon’s first-ever beauty icon debut scene.” Hyoyeon featured in Elle Korea’s March 2015 issue in a spread called “who’s that girl?” In this special article, Hyoyeon talks about her unique style and reveals that she will be publishing a book this spring containing her very own “beauty, fashion, and lifestyle” tips! Continue reading