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[VIDEO] Hyoyeon 100m Like Ep 5 ENG SUB by insiteTV

It’s a HyoHyun date in Koh Samui!


[TRANS] Hyoyeon’s SONE Room Q&A 150528-150615

Q: I get really excited when I go to a SNSD concert. When do the members get excited?

A: We get excited when we sing and dance together, and when we see venues of pink oceans.

Q: Who is the best at bowling? I believe that Yuri or Hyoyeon would be the best?!

A: I think it’s Yoona. My ability changes depending on the day.

Q: Great job at GIRLS’ GENERATION “THE BEST LIVE” at TOKYO DOME!! Also, thank you very much!! Please tell us how it feels to safely finish that concert!

A: I’m happy that the Tokyo Dome concert that we’ve always dreamed of concluded without a problem. I was worried and nervous while preparing for the concert, but the moment I got onstage was so moving and I got goosebumps. Also, when the concert ended and I got off stage, I was happy and cried. I believe it’s all thanks to the many fans’ support that we were able to have such a great performance.

Q: Is there a Japanese food that you must have when you come to Japan?

A: I love Japan’s ramen so I absolutely have to eat ramen when I come to Japan. If you know a delicious restaurant, please recommend it to me ^^

Translation by: arghninja

Wahhh she cried ;_; great performance indeed!

[PHOTO/HYOSTAGRAM] byrucia posts a photo with Hyoyeon! 150612

byrucia: HYOBOOK, 효연의 스타일북📔📘📙 흥해랏 단발머리 효연의 색다른 매력 #셀카#셀스타그램#셀피#얼스타그램#selfie#소녀시대#girlsgeneration#단발#효연

TRANS: HYOBOOK, Hyoyeon’s style book📔📘📙 Be successful.
Short-haired Hyoyeon’s extraordinary charm. #selca#selstagram#selfie#facestagram#selfie#GirlsGeneration#girlsgeneration#shorthair#Hyoyeon

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Translation by: SoshistagramTrans

She’s shooting for HyoBook! Can’t wait!