[MAGAZINE/SCANS/INTERVIEW] Hyoyeon features as the cover girl in Hong Kong’s Me! Magazine! 150409

Our goddess of beauty, makeup, fashion, and accessories, Kim Hyoyeon has floored us once again with yet ANOTHER photoshoot feature in yet another magazine, this time in Me! Magazine, a cosmetics and fashion magazine from Hong Kong!

Scans and video (and translation) courtesy of @Hyoloworld/Kylwh! (imgur album link courtesy of @specialisthh) Interview translated by @Hyoloword/Kylwh, edited by @poohbae and @angrydrummergirl

ME!: In her trainee days, Kim Hyoyeon succeeded in becoming a member of the very popular group “Girls Generation.”
Hyoyeon: I am very happy to know people like the members of SNSD. I like dancing the most, and performing on stage is a way to relieve my stress.

ME!: After Jessica left, were there any differences in your performances as a group of 8 girls?
Hyoyeon: This is a sensitive question; what I can say is that we still practice like we did before, and that a new album is ready to be released.

ME!: When you got into SM through SM’s Casting competition in the year 2000, you were only 11. When did you start dancing?
Hyoyeon: I’ve forgotten it too! Haha, I only remembered the dance I had performed after watching the recording. To be honest, I only started to learn dancing properly from lessons after signing a contract with SM Entertainment. But I’ve always been a hyperactive child, I’ve never stopped dancing and singing in front of my parents since I was a kid.

ME!: Why do you love dancing?
Hyoyeon: I feel that dancing helps me find my true self. Whether it’s a fast or slow song, I can use my body to express myself.

ME!: Do the members fight over beautiful clothes (before a performance)?
Hyoyeon: Our clothes on stage are assigned by the stylist so we seldom ask to change our clothes. What do we fight over? Maybe over food, we all love food/eating very much.

ME!: Do you need to control your eating in order to keep fit?
Hyoyeon: We just burn fat through dancing alone. We lose control whenever we see delicious food, so we usually end up ordering everything on the menu.

ME!: Do you eat so much because of stress? How do you relieve your stress?
Hyoyeon: After having been SNSD for 7 years, I have learnt mind control, knowing when I need to have courage and how to communicate with members, staff, and even the camera lens.

ME!: Hyoyeon clearly knows about the Chinese market and has learnt Mandarin (for that purpose).
Hyoyeon: Haha, I’ve only scratched the surface. When I studied Mandarin at Beijing University, the 9 months passed quickly because it was enjoyable.

ME!: Would you like to study overseas?
Hyoyeon: Yes. I would like to study dancing in LA or New York.

ME!: With such a packed schedule, will you have the chance to do so?
Hyoyeon: Of course. I love to fill up my day to the brim with activities, Recently, I suddenly had the urge to learn how to dive, so I signed up for 3 lessons a week and got my diving certification in 1 shot; it was very satisfying.

ME!: Hyoyeon mentioned that her popularity is not high as it was during the her trainee days.
Hyoyeon: I’ve always been a shy person, so whenever I had to act cute in front of the cameras, I would get too shy. The other members are experts at aegyo, but I couldn’t get past my fear, so I always appeared gentle and quiet or COOL.

ME!: Hyoyeon fans will stand up for their idol Hyoyeon, lauding her explosive dancing skills, saying that without her, SNSD won’t glow as brightly. (literally “without her, SNSD would definitely lose [their] radiance”)
Hyoyeon: I set very strict standards for myself, and I am not afraid of challenges, either. Dancing requires commitment and determination, and I hope that one day I can perform on Japan’s Kōhaku Uta Gassen.

ME!: Have you ever gotten hurt because you overdid your dance training?
Hyoyeon: I can still do it! I always do adequate warm-up exercises before performing. Every time I dance and reach the very end of the performance, I often have a thought which is, “It’s over?” HAHA!

ME!: Hyoyeon’s winning point is that she knows her own strengths and talent well. In order to maintain her popularity, continuing to strive hard as part of SNSD is the safest way to go.

Me! Magazine has also uploaded a few more pictures to their official Weibo account, where Hyoyeon’s cover photo has dominated their background! (source) Click on the pictures to see the HQ versions!

And in addition to those photos, Me! Magazine has also uploaded a second version of their interview with Hyoyeon, with a few more behind-the-scenes clips of her photoshoot!

DOWNLOAD LINK: Photos From Memag Weibo (6 Photos)

DOWNLOAD LINK: Scan Photos From Hyoloworld/Kylwh


One thought on “[MAGAZINE/SCANS/INTERVIEW] Hyoyeon features as the cover girl in Hong Kong’s Me! Magazine! 150409

  1. Omg i love Hyoyeon!!! Fighting babe! You look amazing in the videos and pictures. Stunning! Hope this year is Hyoyeon’s year, year of the beautiful dancing queen to rise above all. Much!

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