[HYOSTAGRAM/VIDEO] Hyoyeon updated her Instagram! “Start! 필 받는 뒤렉터 유다오빠…👍😤😤😅 완성품은난중에 보여줄께요!^^ 궁금하면 500원>_<ㅋㅋ #MYBOOK #mystyle” 150119

Translation (courtesy of @SonexStella): [TRANS] @watasiwahyo Start! Director Yoo-Da oppa who is feeling it…👍😤😤😅 I’ll show you the finished product later!^^ If you’re curious, it’s 500 won >_<ㅋㅋ #MYBOOK #mystyle If the name “Udha-oppa” rings a bell, it’s because you’re remembering him from his previous work with Hyoyeon for the first issue of 0/1creativebook! He also did the hairstyling for Hyoyeon’s Rhythm Emotion feature in 1st Look Magazine, as well as her unique and vibrant set of album photos for I Got A Boy! 75f3b859jw1e0f8oabbpnj


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