[PHOTOS/SCAN] Girls’ Generation 2015 Season’s Greeting Photocards Scan By Cheung 141226

e84fe5d9ejw1enn4erg5oij20rq1694el 84fe5d9ejw1enn4ex7nhlj20rs166dr8 84fe5d9ejw1enn4f1dhuvj20rs160dvf 84fe5d9ejw1enn4faq5osj20ro15ve4o 84fe5d9ejw1enn4fe83osj20rs15xwqr 84fe5d9ejw1enn4fhlyaqj20rl176qgn 84fe5d9ejw1enn4fljiwij20rn167nbq84fe5d9ejw1enn63rlsvgj20rs0ifjxu 84fe5d9ejw1enn63q2llsj20rs0id7a6Credit: Cheung (Source)


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