[PHOTOS/TRANSLATION] THANKYOU STUDIOS posts pictures of Hyoyeon and her dogs Vivian and Barbara on their Naver blog! 141114

I’m going to be directly translating the original Naver blog post as seen here!


The main character of this post is a member of Korea’s top girl group, Hyoyeon, and Hyoyeon’s pets, Vivian and Barbara~

Among all of the SNSD members raising a pet, Hyoyeon is the first to visit THANK YOU STUDIOS

SNSD 2013 I Got A Boy teaser Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon is in charge of [expressing] the exotic charm and cool dancing within SNSD ㅋ

L1000285Although the two poodles that Hyoyeon is raising, Barbara and Vivian, are both poodles, they have very different feels ㅋ

L1000326Barbara and Vivian’s first photoshoot has begun
Hyoyeon is working hard to help out ㅋㅋ

Capture_One_16605_copyThis friend is Vivian
She has sort of long and thin small legs with a Bambi feel ㅋㅋ

Capture_One_16698_copyNext to her is another friend, Barbara!
Barbara is a friend who’s a bit more cheerful
While shooting, she was very skillful, wasn’t scared, and did very well ㅋ

Capture_One_16757_copyLooking for something sort of different
Reliable Barbara

Capture_One_16803_copyBambi Vivian ㅋㅋ
Her eyes are so big, like a character from a manhwa

Capture_One_16837_copyYou can clearly see their personalities in this photo
It’s so interesting that their personalities and appearances are so different despite their both being poodles

Family photos with mom~~

Capture_One_16967_copyShy Vivian in mom’s arms ㅋㅋ

Capture_One_17096Happy-looking family photo~

MIN_1567In the future, we’d love to have fun and work well with with Barbara and Vivian again!



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