[PHOTOS] Girls’ Generation Arrived at Hanoi, Vietnam For Lotte Department Store Grand Opening By Vietnam Press 140902

TMK_8030_zing TMK_8032_zingd106665a-f685-46a4-9107-a14a8fa4f17e IMG_8276-09856 DSC0271 d106665a-f685-46a4-9107-a14a8fa4f17e BwgamlSCQAAOFdB.jpg large BwgampHCIAAqM_2.jpg large b7c87bcd-5473-412d-b919-05271c9a9e20 20141031122910_IMG_0369-6e957 20141031122908_IMG_0367-6e957 20141031122826_IMG_0343-6e957 20141031122825_IMG_0342-6e957 20140902-1256-img_0045 20140902-1248-img_2493 20140902-1248-img_2494 20140902-1248-img_2494Credit: Vietnam Press ( Zing.vn, Tiin.vn, yan.vn, kenh14.vn)



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