[PROJECT/CHARITY] Hyoyeon’s 25th Birthday Charity Project – Charity: Water

2014 Hyoyeon Bday water project small

You know Hyoyeon. There are a few things she’s been known to love, right? Dancing, partying, being a choding, etc., etc…. But among those interests lies a nearly obsessive love for drinking lots of water and a long-established love for kids.

Sadly, millions of kids around the world don’t live to see their fifth birthday because they themselves don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. So instead of putting in money to buy Hyoyeon a gift, why not put that money towards giving the gift of life?

The sponsor we have chosen for this year’s charity project is Charity: Water! If you would like more information about this sponsor, feel free to check out their site and mission statement at http://www.charitywater.org/about/mission.php

Our donation page is located at the following link: https://my.charitywater.org/hyoyeons-bday-water-donation-project

A donation of any amount is welcome! Please join us in making an impact on lives around the world in the name of our favorite choding, Kim Hyoyeon!

Please feel free to contact us at @PoppingChoding on twitter or via email at ThePoppingChoding@gmail.com if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions!

If you are unable to donate directly to the charity, you can send the money to our Paypal account, and we’ll send you a confirmation email in order to show you that your money went directly to the charity!

[140729] Not even 24 hours after making the announcement, we have reached a total of $425!!!! We are moved beyond tears at the generosity of fans around the world! All we did was create the opportunity, but you fans have not only spread the word like crazy, but you’ve also donated generously out of the kindness of your hearts. We are going crazy with gratitude for all of you!! We reached 80% of our goal so quickly, we had to double the goal to $1000–which, at this rate, we’ll probably have to change in a day or so!

1407292352 425 USD raised

[140801] We’ve just reached our lucky number in donations this year!! AND we’ve had to raise the goal yet again–it’s at $1500 now! Keep up the hard work Hyo fans; you’re all amazing!!

1408011405 922 total lol


3 thoughts on “[PROJECT/CHARITY] Hyoyeon’s 25th Birthday Charity Project – Charity: Water

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    • XD People keep thanking us for our hard work but we’ve honestly done nothing but set up the account and provide the opportunity! Thank God for such generous Hyo fans who have made this such a wonderfully heart-warming event!

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