[HYOSTAGRAM/PHOTO/VIDEO] Pierrefun Meets Hyoyeon at the Original Pancake House in Seoul 130929


Pierrefun: “I JUST MET #HYOYEON FROM#GIRLSGENERATION!!! I’ve #daydreamed of this #moment for so long. Dreams come true!”

He wrote two comments, saying,

“She was eating at a pancake place that I LOVE to eat at in Seoul. I could tell it was her by the way she smiled. When I saw her eyes it def confirmed it. Give me a shout out on your page, yo! Hahah she’s so pretty. Dreams come true!

The SM representative she was with wouldn’t let her take a picture becaues she didn’t have her makeup on. It’s against the SM rules but she said it was ok. 🙂


Pierrefun also posted a short video of Hyoyeon passing by his table in the same restaurant they had both visited:

Caption: "Watching #hyoyeon walk by my table at the restaurant we were both eating at!"


[HYOSTAGRAM/PHOTO] Hyoyeon updates her Instagram at the Great Art Exhibition of Kim Shinhye 130926

ImageWatasiwahyo : ” Visit a great art exhibition of Shinhye Kim last weekend! 😉 “