[DWTS] Dancing with the Stars staff fanaccounts on Hyoyeon and the Hyoyeon-Kim Hyungseok Couple 130503

These behind-the-scenes pictures and fanaccounts were released earlier today, taken and written nearly a year ago by one of the writers who worked closely with Hyoyeon and Kim Hyungseok on the set of MBC’s Dancing with the Stars reality show, Jung Inhae.

Despite being runners-up to Choi Yeojin and her partner Park Jiwoo, all ten posts are devoted to Hyoyeon and the HyoSeok couple–or “Bunny Couple” as some fans have fondly dubbed them.

Translations courtesy of @hyoyeonjjang.

On Hyoyeon:

DWTS staff writer Jung InHae (2012.07.23)

“The SNSD member who dances well;
The Kim YeolSal-nim [10-year-old] you meet on IY2;
That was who Hyoyeon was, as far as I knew.
But the Hyoyeon I met on DWTS2, I fell for/was totally charmed by,
The tens of thousands of reasons why I got charmed by Hyoyeon that I closely treasured [so far],
I am planning to reveal all at once.
Anyhow, I am a Hyoyeon fan–In the future, I will keep cheering her on.”

DWTS staff writer Jung InHae (2012.07.23)

“The day she fell on stage but instantly got up.
Although she must have felt very disappointed, Hyoyeon was smiling
and we writers tactlessly caught hold of her and took pictures.
On that day, many people became fans of Hyoyeon, just like us.
Seeing how she didn’t make a big deal despite the fall and immediately got up,
Hyoyeon, you are quite jjang (awesome).”

DWTS staff writer Jung InHae (2012.08.30)

“Although I was so embarrassed I wanted to run away (back then),
Now it’s a good moment
The moment I was totally taken off-guard by Hyoyeon’s silliness/giddiness–
Now it’s a good memory”

DWTS staff writer Jung InHae

“Honest, easy-going. More than anything, a wise person who knows how to wait for her moment, Hyoyeon”

On the Hyoyeon-Kim Hyungseok “Bunny” Couple:

DWTS staff writer Jung InHae (2012.07.23)

“When I see the two of them, my heart goes pitter-patter.
From the first meeting right till the end, never losing their consistent smiles:
the Hyoyeon-Kim Hyungseok couple.

‘I’m envious of their youth’–the words of Song SeungHwan teacher I understand crystal clear.”

* didn’t translate the last two lines which were her musings on how it feels to be young because i couldn’t get it to sound right

DWTS staff writer Jung InHae

“This is how we created/completed Hyoyeon-Kim Hyungseok Team’s cocktail bar. It was fun.”

DWTS staff writer Jung InHae (2012.07.23)

“The final cheer, final practice, final bbuing-bbuing
The same-age couple that taught us: ‘the end doesn’t always have to be sad.'”

Hyungseok’s letter to Hyoyeon

DWTS2 staff writer Jung InHae “wishes to have a son like Hyungseok-ah ㅋㅋ”

And that’s it!

To be quite honest, the amount of love and adoration for Hyoyeon within these fanaccounts is nothing out of the ordinary–it seems to be the norm whenever someone encounters the charismatic force that is Kim Hyoyeon.

Whether you’ve spent 10 years with her as her sister, 12 weeks as her scriptwriter, or one day as her translator, the verdict is clear–You will never regret a single moment spent with Kim Hyoyeon, and in each of those moments, you will always find a reason to adore her.


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