[HYOSTAGRAM/PHOTOS] Another Hyoyeon selca with Aerin Yuktadatta #Hyostagram 130430

130430 Hyoyeon in Thailand daradear Aerin selca
Caption: “แอรินกับซุปเกา”

From daradear‘s Instagram account!


[PHOTOS] Hyoyeon supporting 9face store 130430

 130430 Hyoyeon in Thailand Khanthaitay 9facestore promo
Caption: “#บางกอกGirl HYO Bkk-girl@ninefacestore… / #BangkokGirl HYO Bkk-girl @ninefacestore…”

Taken from khanthaitay‘s Instagram!

That’s an interesting nickname for her, wouldn’t you say? 😛

[PHOTOS] Hyoyeon supporting 9face store 130426

130426 Hyoyeon khanthaitay ninefacestore selca
Caption: “Thx u HY for supporting@ninefacestore

Taken from khanthaitay‘s Instagram!

Looks like she’s wearing the same leggings and shoes from her shopping spree in Hong Kong with Mr. K! She must have just arrived in Bangkok to put on a shirt to support 9face store when this picture was taken!

[PHOTOS] Hyoyeon and Aerin Yuktadatta 130426

130426 Hyoyeon AerinY selca combi
Caption: “Dance til u drop!

130426 Hyoyeon AerinY DJ Jay Kim
Caption: “Its Felix the Housecat! @jay_j_kim

130425 Hyoyeon tigerlin selca
Caption: “Girlssss Girlssss Girlsss 🙂 ✨👯✨ @sriritajensen @anishapja @aerinyuktadatta @lewmanas

130426 Hyoyeon in Thailand anishapja
Caption: “Girls just wanna have fun!! 🍸👯✌@sriritajensen @tigerlin @aerinyuktadatta @jay_j_kim

130427 Hyoyeon in Thailand anishapja group pic

Caption: “Fun times last night! ว่าแต่ว่าข้างหลังคือใครอ่ะ?? ดูไม่ออก! @demariachi@lewmanas @sriritajensen @tigerlin@jay_j_kim @ubbyibby

From Aerin Yuktadatta‘s, tigerlin‘s, and Anisha Prachaseri‘s Instagrams!

Another night out with Thai actress Aerin Yuktadatta and model and actress Sririta Jensen!

(These were most likely taken on the same night as the selcas from our last post, seeing as Hyoyeon is wearing the same outfit :))