Hyo is every bit as adorable and hilarious as you’d expect her to be. A must watch for Hyohunnies 🙂

SNSD Korean

In this episode of Shinhwa Broadcast, SNSD are invited to talk and play the mini games that are presented. However one special event involving YoonA, caused many laughter and tears as a major hidden camera was targeted on her! Enjoy~~

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[TRANS] Hyoyeon’s Japan Tour Official Photobook Q&A

Q1: You’re getting to do a 2nd tour in Japan, how do you feel?
We’re preparing a lot so it doesn’t fall behind the first tour! And, along with showing new, great performances, I’m looking forward to getting to meet with fans again.

Q2: Tell us about something to look for in this tour.
9 members’ new and developed, great performances!!

Q3: The 1st Japan Tour ended successfully last year. How did it feel ending a tour?
I was really happy being able to feel our fans’ affection from a closer position.

Q4: During the tour, was there anything you were concerned with, or were there any changes in your usual way of living?
I usually stretch and do aerobic exercises day and night, and muscle training. Along with that, I don’t get lazy during the tour, and always try to keep my body on edge.

Q5: The 2nd album is an airline concept. Which country do you want to go to the most right now?
Phuket. I want to go to the beach, eat tropical fruits, and chill and relax.

Q6: You’re wearing a flight attendant uniform in the tour pamphlet. If you weren’t in Girls’ Generation, what kind of work do you think you’d be doing?
Hm~ What might I be doing? hehe

Q7: You have to travel on airplanes a lot. What do you usually do while going around?
There are a lot of times where I sleep, but I also watch and check of dance videos we recorded, or read self-improvement books.

Q8: How did you feel when your first album sold over 1 million copies?
I’m always grateful for the interest and love everyone is giving Girls’ Generation. Thank you!

Q9: 5 years have passed since your 2007 debut. Is there something you think has changed since then?
More than anything, I think I’m able to relax on stage. I’m able to have fun while performing.

Q10: Say a few words to Japanese fans who are waiting for the tour.
We will show a great performance so look forward to it, everyone!!

Translation by: ch0sshi